That Bennie International School is over 20 years old is not just a number but a fact with countless infallible proofs.  For one, our academic excellence grows from strength to strength.  In area of infrastructure, we pursue global trends with vigour.  28th June, 2010 marked the beginning of the magnificent Nursery Complex development; a product of Mrs. B.I. Ikhena’s thirst for beauty, comfort and excellence.

Like a flesh of lightning she announced the demolition of the old nursery structure which commenced almost immediately.  With the old building down, the zealous builders began the erection of the structure whose rate of development has beaten known records in this part of the nation.

Several parents could not but commend the wonderful work the president did.  A home away from home.

Our goal is the total education of the child with emphasis on sound moral values, healthy living standard and teaching with the latest and sophisticated education facilities.

Our experienced, patient and diligent teachers are at your service in pampering and teaching your loved one in a clean and healthy environment conductive for growth and learning.


Through incomparable and sound education, Bennie International School is fully and exceptionally committed to engendering, building and fortifying legacies that endures for all time in the younger generation vis-a- vis, inculcating excellent leadership traits and moral standards into hem in the most peaceful environment elevating them to an outstanding and equal to non status.



Bennie International school’s focus is to prepare students for effective and ethical leadership in an evolving global economy.  The school is dedicated to excellence in teaching and continued intellectual growth through applied research, professional development and service in a conducive and dynamic environment.